Sharing Solar - a joyful challenge to congregations

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we raised a bit more money than we needed for our solar array.  We heard about the Sharing Solar project - a community-funded pilot to put solar on a quadruplex of affordable housing in Durham.  The residents will have lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint on God's precious Earth.  Given our commitment to "justice in a changing climate," how could we not contribute?

Sharing Solar liked our idea of issuing a joyful challenge to other congregations:  CUCC will match donations by congregations, up to a total of $500.  Just as people may be prevented from "going solar" by a shady roof or a stretched budget, so congregations may have too much shade or ministry priorities which preclude a large outlay for their own solar array.  By contributing to the Sharing Solar project, congregations have an opportunity to have an impact.

Congregations, send your check made out to "Durham Community Land Trustees" and put solar / CUCC challenge on the memo line.  Mail to:  NC WARN, P.O. Box 61051, Durham, NC 27715.  Read more about Sharing Solar, the affordable housing quadruplex, and the nonprofit partners leading the project.  If you have questions about the project or your donation, contact Sally Robertson at Solarize NC (919-416-5077,

Of course, individuals are invited to contribute to Sharing Solar, too; as with CUCC's Solar Array Project, individual donations are eligible for the federal charitable donation deduction and the 35% NC tax credit. (Remember to check with your tax advisor.)  Donate by check or credit card.