Thanks to your generosity, we have fully funded our solar array.  If you missed your chance to donate to CUCC's project, why not donate to one of these groups?

Solar Schools - NC GreenPower and the State Employees Credit Union have teamed up to put a teaching solar array on five NC public schools.  Each school receives a 3-5 kW solar PV system, a weathr staion, monitoring equipment, curriculum and classroom solar kits as well as training for teachers and ongoing support after the installation.  The CUCC Solar Array Project made a seed grant to one of the year 1 schools; Solar Schools is now working on year 3 (2017).  Donate

Completed projects

Good Shepherd United Church of Christ (Cary) - putting a 8,000 kWh/year solar array on their building - all funds raised.  CUCC provided a grant of $600.

Good Shepherd has two interesting fundraising ideas:  
Donate to offset the carbon footprint of the travel for your summer vacation.  See their website for simple carbon calculators for plane and car travel.

Donate $125 and get a well-pet exam in your home from veterinarian (and GSUCC member) Dr. Jean Miller.

Jordan High (Durham) - putting a 5kW pole-mounted solar array at the high school as part of the environmental teaching lab (a Solar Schools project) - all funds raised.  CUCC provided a grant of $75.

High Country United Church of Christ Solar Array Project - putting a solar array on their building - all funds raised and solar array installed Nov. 7, 2015  CUCC provided a grant of $500.

Sharing Solar - putting a solar array on a quadruplex of affordable housing - all funds raised and solar array dedicated Nov. 7, 2015  CUCC issued a joyful challenge to congregations to donate, and matched up to $500 total.

West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Solar Array Project - putting a solar array on their building - all funds raised


We're keeping our fundraising materials online to assist other groups who are beginning solar array projects.  The information below the file box was what appeared on this page when we were raising funds.

As of 5PM, April 15, all donations to the CUCC Solar Array Project will seed the solar arrays on other nonprofits.  Seed money is not eligible for NC tax credits.  We are in touch with several groups who are deciding whether to go solar.  We will post their contact information here so you can make donations directly to them if you want the NC tax credit.


Giving by check
Make the check to "CUCC" and put "solar" on the memo line.

Please send your donation to the church:
Community United Church of Christ
814 Dixie Trail
Raleigh, NC   27607

In order to be able to contact you with the documents you will need for your federal charitable deduction and state tax credit, we need to know 
  • your name, 
  • mailing address, 
  • phone number 
  • email. 
Of course, we also want to thank you!

Giving by PayPal or credit card
ARCHIVAL NOTE:  The PayPal button
was removed because we are no longer
accepting donations.

Donations through PayPal are reduced by administration fees of 2.2% + 30cents.  
Giving stocks or bonds
If you would prefer to contribute stocks or bonds, contact Jane Smith at  

Community United Church of Christ is a 501c3 organization registered in the state of North Carolina.

Fees    Donations given by check will be used entirely for the purchase of the solar array; there are no administrative or fundraising expenses for check donations.   

PayPal and credit cards charge an administrative fee.  

Razoo charges an administrative fee; your donation will be reduced by that amount.  Because Razoo passes your donations through their nonprofit your gift will not be eligible for tax credits.  

Donations of stocks or bonds will have an administrative fee charged by CUCC's brokerage firm; your tax credit will be reduced by that amount.

Getting your tax documents.  In January 2016, after the solar array is installed and commissioned, Jane Smith will send you the documents you need to support your NC tax credit and federal deduction.  Please enable your email to accept email from Jane at .


Why are you still collecting donations if you have all you need to pay for CUCC's array? 
Our goal has been to share what we learn; having raised more than we need, we can share funds, too!  We will pay it forward with a gift to other nonprofits who are going solar.  If you know of a nonprofit planning to install a solar array in 2015, contact us.  Gary Smith

Jane gestures at poster of marmot on mountain trail
Jane Smith supports the CUCC Solar Array Project because
"I want to preserve the Rocky Mountains' alpine habitat
for the marmots I met on vacation last fall."
Jane is a member of CUCC's
Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force.
Jane Smith is a member of the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force and is responsible for donation tracking for the CUCC Solar Array Project.  Reach her at