See you at the Solar Installation Viewing Party

You are invited to drop by to watch the solar array installation!

All 28 panels are mounted!  
Still to come: electrical work.
(Updated as of 1:45PM Wednesday) 

Sign saying "Safe Walkway Solar View"

Someone from the church will be on site during installation hours to welcome you and answer questions.  Safe viewing will be from the back deck of Pilgrim House.

We anticipate construction will take 2+ days, assuming good weather.  Preliminary estimates were that work would begin at 8AM and finish early afternoon each day.  Construction may stop for periods during the day to allow for already scheduled church activities.

IMPORTANT:  To keep everyone safe, we will be roping off a safe walkway to Pilgrim House from the Dixie Trail sidewalk and from the parking lot on Wade Avenue.    Enter the Pilgrim House front door, and walk through the house to the deck; we’ll have signs to guide you.

Parking will be on-street on Dixie Trail and in the lot on Wade Avenue.  The Dixie Trail parking lot will be closed (reserved for the construction crew).  If you park in the Wade Avenue parking lot, you will need to exit by turning right onto Wade Avenue (toward Raleigh); do not turn left (out of town).  We have seen too many accidents with a left turn.

People of all ages are welcome, as are those dogs who are happy around strangers.  Yoshi, our office administrator’s dog, will be there!

We wouldn’t have been able to install the solar array without your support.  Thank you!

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814 Dixie Trail
Raleigh, NC  27608